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Re-Pitch Night - The Refiners Fleet #3

Engage in a conversation with our world-class founders during an open Q&A session LIVE on Facebook.

For all our friends located in different countries or living in a different city or state, or those who couldn’t attend our SF Pitch Night, we’ll have Fleet #3 Re-Pitch for you on Facebook LIVE this November 28th through November 30th.


Just go to our Facebook Page and watch the LIVE show at

Yes, we know what you’re thinking…There are 3 dates. Good catch!

You’ll get to see 4 startups pitch each day. Please see the list of when each startup will pitch below.

Our 11 startups in Fleet #3 will turn up your excitement in two mornings of startup pitches, good vibes, and probably a few coffees.

Startups will have to pitch their startup in 3 minutes, articulate what their company is doing, and captivate you with how their startup will change the world.

Thank you for your support for The Refiners! You’re the driver of our program and startups’ success. We count on you to join us LIVE on Facebook!

Watch our recap video from Pitch Night for Fleet #3 here.


Fleet #3 Company Pitches


Open Q&A with you and the startup after each pitch

4-minutes maximum after each pitch



11/28 | 8:00-8:30AM PST

1. Arise

2. dresslife

3. AbeCMS

4. Merito

11/29 | 8:00-8:30AM PST

1. Comete

2. Tuti

3. Wisebatt

11/30 | 8:00-8:30AM PST

1. Glo

2. Shone

3. See Fashion

4. Lovebox



The Refiners is ready to showcase the next Fleet of companies in our Seed Acceleration Program. This time we have 11 startups from 3 countries. 83% of the companies are based outside of the United States, with founders from France, Venezuela, Germany, Tunisia, Algeria, England, Romania, Laos, Wales, Vietnam, United States and Belgium.

Fleet #3 includes a focus on FinTech, B2B, B2C, retail, fashion, IoT, SaaS, AI, autonomous vehicle, social networking, and more.

Abe is a smart collaborative content marketing platform. Creating content needs many roles and the tools used currently like, email, spreadsheets, and forms don't work. Abe solves this by allowing people to work together all in one place with content-centric technology. Our client, Accor Hotels is using Abe to create and publish its content marketing worldwide.

Arise is an open decentralized network for hotel room inventory and rates. Our network, built on blockchain technology, lowers the barriers to entry for new players to innovate in the travel space. We give hotels more options to distribute and sell their room inventory at a lower commission rate. The co-founders have eight years of experience building and selling travel technology and see a massive opportunity for disruption of this industry.

Comete increases long-term retention for SaaS solutions. 35% of SaaS churn is due to poor collaboration between users and product teams. We solve this problem by making all users part of the evolution of their product.

dresslife makes shopping for fashion easy like having your own personal shopper. Today, finding the perfect outfit is hard because there are so many choices, we don’t know what fits and few like to spend time following the upcoming trends. dresslife has built a platform that uses AI to find clothing based on your body, personality and trends that you love.

Glo provides personalized makeup inspiration, empowering people to feel beautiful every day. Our live video education platform connects women to professional makeup artists who personally advise them on what to wear and how to apply it.

We are building The Internet of Feelings, a network of communication devices that transmit emotion, not data. The first product of this new class of communication devices is the Lovebox, a modern day love note messenger to gift your loved one (significant other, child, parent, grandparent, friend, etc.). We launched last month and already sold $350,000.

Merito is a SaaS platform that enables store managers to recruit top candidates instantly. Our purpose is to allow retail companies to adapt to the gig economy. Thanks to our prequalified communities, our algorithm finds the perfect hire on the spot. We have great traction in Europe with 30+ brands ranging from groceries to luxuries like LVMH and Hermes, with a satisfaction rate of 95%. Our objective is to launch our new product in Europe and open in New York City next year.

See Fashion
See Fashion is giving online fashion retailers data and real-time insights to compete with Amazon. We allow retailers to deliver a personalized experience to every customer, including anonymous shoppers. See Fashion is building the world's first data collective for the fashion industry.

Shone is bringing autonomous cargo ships to market. The Trillion dollar maritime shipping industry will lack 20% of its forecasted workforce by 2025. Shone retrofits existing vessels with autonomous technology. 

Video will be used anywhere people interact. But, making quality videos of yourself is hard. At Tuti, we make great video-selfies. We provide you with scripted steps to build the perfect video clip for you to use in less than 20 seconds.

We are making hardware design as simple as software development. We provide engineers with a virtual prototyping SaaS platform. As a result, our first customers were able to save $200k on each project and get their product to market 3 months faster.

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Pitch Night - The Refiners Fleet #3