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You’re a foreign founder. You have tons of questions about Silicon Valley. How does it work? What are the pros and cons? What should be considered before making a move?

The Refiners is here to help you!

We receive tons of request for interviews every day. We love chatting with you because it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the vision for your business...But, it’s time to organize this a little better so we can get back to all of you.

How you apply.

9 Tips for Your Journey:

  1. Apply online or send us an email.
  2. Social Media works. (Contact us via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook on a personal level)
  3. Are you solving a big enough problem and why is it important? (in 7 lines max)
  4. Better doesn't work. Different does! (Explain how you differentiate)
  5. Show us you are passionate. (Building a startup is tough tell us why are you doing this)
  6. Say what you want early on and why Silicon Valley is the right place for you to thrive.
  7. Don’t forget your website. (A product demo and video is awesome, too)
  8. Include your Team. (Tell us why you’re the right team)
  9. Find someone to recommend you. (Not mandatory, of course, but it helps A LOT)

Don’t be in a rush to meet in person. Meetings are usually inefficient. Let’s start with email, don’t forget to include a reference from our network. We’d love to do a quick call after we’ve tried your product and we have something to discuss.

We are not experts in all the fields, but we are committed to answering your applications with no bullshit and we have good experience in Silicon Valley.

Can’t wait to hear about your journey. Good luck!

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