The Refiners Pitch Night - Fleet #1

What a success!

Yesterday, The Refiners startup program celebrated its inaugural Pitch Night, and we've been overwhelmed by all of the positive feedback.

The positive energy was palpable as our amazing first fleet of companies delivered their pitches to an audience of over 250 people! It was an exciting evening for the entrepreneurs and a great chance for The Refiners community to get together, network and meet some great companies.

We would like to thank our supporters, mentors, partners and sponsors for their commitment to making this event so successful. We were fortunate to have so many people share our vision and help make The Refiners Pitch Night possible (video replay here).

And of course thank you for being there! We need everyone's participation to make The Refiners great. You are the lifeblood of what we are doing and you can help us to spread the word about The Refiners Fleet #2 to potential applicants that would benefit from the program and to others interested in helping foreign founders thrive in Silicon Valley and supporting our program.

Fleet #2 begins in March 2017

The applications for the 2nd fleet of our foreign startup program are open! Our 2nd program is shaping up to be another major step for foreign startups in Silicon Valley so if you personally know interesting startups that would benefit from our program, we would love to know more about their vision and chat with them. They can now book online a quick chat with one of us here.