The Refiners is a boutique accelerator that identifies top entrepreneurs from the European ecosystem and bring them to Silicon Valley. Our portfolio includes 25 companies from a wide variety of industries. We run two programs a year with up to 15 tech startups in each fleet.  We're a family of cross-cultured founders and entrepreneurs.


abecms | Fleet #3

AbeCMS is disrupting the CMS market by crushing the time you need to deliver content to customers.


ADOK | Fleet #1

Augmented reality for the workplace, without glasses. Adok makes meetings engaging by turning any table into an immersive screen for multiple users.


Appaloosa | fleet #1

We enable the future of work. Appaloosa is a simple and secure Enterprise App Store. Balance work and personal lives on the same device with greatest adoption.


arise | fleet #3

Arise disrupts the Priceline & Expedia duopoly of the online travel booking space by decentralizing hotel room inventory on the blockchain.

BluPods | fleet #1

Classroom Coordination Solved BluPods' classroom assistant reduces by 90% the time that teachers spend coordinating activities. That's 10M hours per week that are given back to teaching accross the US.


Cloudscreener | fleet #2

CloudScreener empowers businesses to regain control of cloud computing by ensuring that your cloud infrastructure always matches business and technical needs. Our Cloud Decision Engine makes real-time and automated recommendations based on price, performance, and enterprise policies through a web interface or APIs.

Comète logo V2.png

comete | fleet #3

Comete brings long-term retention for SaaS applications.


daylighted | fleet #1

Discover art as easily as you discover music. Daylighted has created a digital canvas that lets you enjoy thousands of artworks from your favorite artists, galleries, or museums.

doubleoOne logo_RGB_small.png

DoubleOone | fleet #1

DoubleOone changes the way people listen to music by providing premium, exclusive and unique music content and experiences to its members.


dresslife | fleet #3

Dresslife is an intelligent fashion shopping solution that finds what fits and looks good on your body - before you do.


GABSEE | fleet #2

We want to unleash people’s craziness! Each of us is awesomely crazy, but we can’t fully express it because of social and physical barriers.

Gabsee is a mobile app that breaks the boundaries of self-expression by letting you fully express yourself through your own avatar in Augmented Reality.


GLO | fleet #3

Glo provides personalized makeup inspiration, empowering people to feel beautiful every day.


imuze | fleet #2

Experiment the power of music on your own video. Make it a thriller, comedy, romance, or drama, by swiping through different music genres, instantly.

By analyzing your video, iMuze is able to match its length and rhythm to quickly create several soundtracks for it. You can preview your video with each of the soundtracks in-real-time, like an Instagram filter.

Logo beige_Inmemori.png

Inmemori | fleet #2

Inmemori is a safe space to gather, celebrate and remember together. We enable communities to easily communicate and pay their respects through sharing memories, messages, pictures and donations.

Jogabo Logo - Green on blue bg.png

Jogabo | fleet #2

Jogabo is a mobile application for the soccer playing community that makes the world around you easy to play soccer in and more fun to explore. Think "Strava meets Foursquare" for the world's most popular game.

The app let’s you organize and simply keep track of your upcoming games, shows you when your friends are playing, and notifies you of opportunities nearby.


Kizbat | fleet #1

Video games have become so realistic that we believe simulation is passé. The next frontier is reality. Kizbat empowers gamers to play remotely with real robots from their computer.


Lalilo | fleet #1

Illiteracy is the main education problem in the US. It affects 26% of 8th graders, and has a dramatic impact on their future education and career. Lalilo solves the problem with AI.


LOVEBOX | fleet #3

Lovebox develops connected devices that create happiness and bring people closer together.

Copie de logo-merito-1024x1024.png

merito | fleet #3

Merito is bringing a new kind of information in the recruitment process. Now, you hire the right person for the right reasons.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 1.38.45 PM.png

NeuralCat | fleet #2

NeuralCat turns Artificial Intelligence into a universal and collaborative good. Our purpose is to release the first existing AI social network.

AI is on the rise, but we keep relying on handmade data when it comes to conversational agents. With NeuralCat, you can create your own AI without having any data.


Phantombuster | fleet #2

Phantombuster is a platform that you need to collect your data and make every website an API. Our mission is to transform the web into a queryable database. To API-fy the web.

We’ve created an all-in-one service to automate website browsing. It gives you access to complete, structured, and categorized data so you can easily integrate it in your technological stack.

PRODONTIS - Logo avec nom.png

Prodontis | fleet #1

With the U-Brush, never worry about your teeth again. This new device replaces your toothbrush and your floss, perfectly brushing your teeth within 30 seconds.


Seald | fleet #1

Seald is a very simple tool that allows users to encrypt messages & files easily, on any communication platform, with just one click.

See Fashion Logo, RGB, _new_v1-07.png

see fashion | fleet #3

See Fashion is an AI-powered product recommendations and business intelligence for fashion retailers.


SELLsecure | fleet #1

We stop fraudsters. We boost ecommerce. By checking the digital footprint of customers, SELLsecure automatically sorts out the good transactions from the bad.

logo (1).png

shone | fleet #3

Shone retrofits existing cargo ships with autonomous and remote control technologies.

Talkus | fleet #2

Talkus is a conversational engagement solution for marketing teams

Engage with your customers with our multi-channel messaging platform and boost your conversion with Talkus real-time website content personalization.


Tempow | fleet #1

Using patented software technology, Tempow upgrades Bluetooth protocol to allow multiple devices to connect to a single source. Tempow first targets the audio industry and is currently talking to hardware manufacturers to license its tech. Soon, it'll be easy to create a sound system Sonos-like out of multiple Bluetooth speakers simply with a smartphone.

logo carré.png

timefunding | fleet #3

TimeFunding brings value to time, by creating the new currency between Mentors and Startups, on a blockchain.


The Beans | fleet #2

We’re a financial wellness company. Our users effortlessly make and keep financial plans with proactive support, visual planning tools, and aligned advice. Our solution is based on groundbreaking evidence of what works to take stress out of finances.


tuti | fleet #3

Tutti makes video clips to avoid the gap between virtual and reality dating.



Uniyo | fleet #2

Uniyo is an all-in-one, simple, intuitive and gamified platform where you can share anything with the entire student community.

Header - blue.png

Washos | fleet #2

Washos uses in-house technology to disrupt the car wash and detailing industry. We send trained, vetted professional technicians to any location in 90 minutes.


WEZR | fleet #2

WEZR is an IoT device with a 20 mile radius coverage that turns people into weather stations. It’s also a sophisticated algorithm that computes weather data in seconds instead of hours. Thanks to our WEZR IoT device, open source weather data, and powerful algorithm, weather forecasts have never been so accurate.


WINGiT | fleet #2

WINGiT is a local event discovery company that focuses on AI to generate content and provide recommendations for you.

We have an extensive algorithm that pulls events from social media and presents them via publisher apps to consumers. WINGiT produces 5,000+ event recommendations a day in 170 cities viewed over 10M times.


Wittycircle | fleet #1

Empowering people and ideas. Wittycircle is a marketplace where 320 million aspiring entrepreneurs can gather and get the connections they need to build on their projects.


wisebatt | fleet #3

We make hardware design as simple as software development.