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What we do.

We focus on investing in pre-seed and seed stage founders. Our bread-and-butter is investing in and supporting excellent founders who may just have an idea and a bare-bones MVP. We are sector-agnostic / generalists - we've done investments in all areas from BtoC to BtoB.

Founded by entrepreneurs The Refiners is a San Francisco-based Seed Fund Program devoted to helping world-class entrepreneurs thrive in the bountiful yet complicated environment of Silicon Valley. We are passionate about the needs of international startups, and believe they are different enough to warrant a program specifically for them. Over a three-month period, startups usually receive funding, networking and mentorship opportunities in Silicon Valley. 

Our vision.

Innovation is everywhere, but you can’t afford not to be in Silicon Valley if you want to have a global impact in the digital space. Moving to the Valley, however, is a brutal process — competition is fierce, network is key, and time-to-market is of the essence.

Our mission is to provide foreign founders with an established network upon arrival — 200+ Silicon Valley mentors who have joined forces to select, advise, and invest in the world’s most promising startups. 

This unparalleled access — to key executives, entrepreneurs, investors, experts, business and technology leaders — makes The Refiners one of the most effective Cross Border Seed Fund in the world.

Featured Stories.


February 15th, 2018

Imagine this  —  You just secured your first investor meeting (yay), but the investor is only able to meet tomorrow. Are you ready? 



December 20th, 2017

We can't believe how more than 12 weeks have gone by since the start of our third Fleet at The Refiners. Please take a moment to watch the highlights of Fleet #3 starting from Week 1 to Week 12!

Fleet #3 is behind us now, but a bright future for these entrepreneurs is right around the corner.



November 16th, 2017

After 9-weeks of challenging the startups in Fleet #3, it was finally time to showcase what they have and leave it all on the stage at Pitch Night. Let's just say, they brought it all and crushed it. 

We had the biggest crowd we've ever had with over +450 RSVPs this Pitch Night. Thank you for the amazing support for the foreign startups and our program at The Refiners. Take a look at out our recap video of Pitch Night.

Our videos.